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Are you tired of the dirt and grime at your place? Make your home look its best with our remarkable cleaning services that revives your home’s look. Maintain the standard of cleaning with our impeccable cleaning services NYC and we’ll help you see a brighter and neat home. 

Your property’s Interior or overall look can leave a lasting impression on the visitors’ only if it looks squeaky clean and is free of any dirt or debris. Spic and Span cleaning services strive to maintain hygienic environment of home at an affordable price, so you can have a beautifully clean and sparkling house without breaking the bank.

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Spic and Spans Cleaning Services NYC specialise in providing a quality standard of cleaning for years. We offer customer-first service to make sure you can customise your cleaning plan to suit specific needs and budget. We understand that your time is precious so we take the charge of maintaining healthy environment so you can focus on core tasks. A keen eye for detail is crucial to rectify the mess with expertise and proficiency and our cleaners are no less in this regard. They make sure to target the areas that are generally overlooked during regular cleaning. 

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Cleaning is Our Priority

House Cleaning

House cleaning service is the perfect way to keep your home spotless and inviting.

Villas Cleaning

Your villa's personal butler, leaves it sparkling clean and ready for your indulgence.

Apartment Cleaning

Your cozy haven, made even more inviting with our professional cleaning services. Give you a spotless apartment every day
Cleaning spaces

Our Comprehensive Residential Cleaning Services

Whether you want rug cleaning NYC services or simple house cleaning New York. If you want a one-time cleaning of your apartment or a deep cleanse occasionally, our cleaners will go the extra mile to ensure they leave every nook and cranny of your space disinfected and clean.





Sofa Cleaning

Walls Cleaning

Dust Cleaning

Wipe the Floor

Book Shelf Cleaning

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Sofa Cleaning

Deep Dusting

Carpet Cleaning

Hanging Rugs Cleaning

apartment cleaning

Sofa Cleaning

Dust Cleaning

Wipe the Floor

Table Cleaning

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