Get A Pristine & Spotless Home Cleaning That You Have Never Been To Home

Moving is a traumatic task without distress about having to clean up after ending up. Here are Spic and Span services to clear away your stress of moving. Spotless and pristine home or apartment and assembling it for the next holder or tenant is the last thing you need to worry about. Leaving out, with our move-in and move-out cleaning services NYC you will be able to focus on what matters eminently- give priority to your new home! We will make ultra-clean and immaculate your space by using our latest techniques and procedures. Our experienced and trained cleaning experts will wipe every corner of your house or apartment to ensure no corner will be left flawless.

Opportune Facilities Towards Landlords & Tenants

Spic and Span will always assist you with whether you are a lodger or trying to aggravate your security deposit back or if you are a landlord who needs to swiftly get a new tenant into a vacant space. We outstrip dusting, vacuuming whipping and offer deep cleaning into every corner of your house to get rid of dust, dirt and grime. From the inside cleaning of your charcoal burner to purging your fridge of old food whiffs, rely on taking away your cleaning stress Spic and Span NYC house cleaners or professionals. We will spotlight everything that marches with your move and leave your tankless task to our cleaning experts.

What we offer

Cleaning is Our Priority

Floors Cleaning

Restore your floors to their original shine and beauty. We'll make your floors look their best, from tile to hardwood.

Garage Cleaning

Get your garage organized & sparkling clean, so you can park your vehicle inside again.where every detail is taken care of.

Apartment Cleaning

Your cozy haven, made even more inviting with our professional cleaning services. Give you a spotless apartment every day.without lifting a finger.
Cleaning spaces

Our Comprehensive Move In Out Cleaning Services

Whether you are looking for reliable service for cleaning in NYC or overall house cleaning, we have you covered. With our efficient services, every corner of your floor, garage and apartment will sparkle and you have peace of mind to be assured that no surfaces of your house will go unnoticed.





Wiping Mirror

Sofa Cleaning

Stacking Things Up

Wipe the Floor
Dust Cleaning

Extra Space

Dust Cleaning

Remove motor Oil Stains

Shelves Cleaning


Window Washing

Bath Wash
Surface Cleaning
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